Raising Awareness

Training resource

Book List

TRUST / Factsheet

A recommended reading list for a those seeking a more immersive educational experience.



5 Myths busted

5 Myths About Sex Trafficking

TRUST / Factsheet

This resource describes the most common myths and misconceptions associated with Sex Trafficking.



ASU STIR EMS First Responders Summary

What EMS First Responders Need To Know

ASU - STIR / Brochure

A training tool for EMS Providers that gives an overview of the signs to look out for and how handle potential victims of sexual expolitation. 

ASU STIR Educators Tool

What Educators Need to Know

ASU - STIR / Brochure

A teen sex trafficking and sexual exploitation training toolkit for school educators and administrators.







Student toolkit

Student Toolkit

Polaris (NHTRC) / Guide

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) Student Toolkit is designed to provide students with resources to identify and raise awareness of human trafficking in their community.

Human Trafficking training

Human Trafficking 101 Training

DHS (Blue Campaign) / Guide

Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Blue Campaign guide to learn the indicators of human trafficking and how you can report it.

Trafficking awareness poster

Sex Trafficking Awareness Poster

DHS (Blue Campaign) / Poster

This poster describes sex trafficking, a form of human trafficking, and encourages the public to learn more about what they can do to help stop this crime.



DMST fact sheet

Arizona DMST Rapid Assessment Fact Sheet

Shared Hope / Fact Sheet

Summary and fact sheet for a field assessment measuring and evaluating the access to and delivery of services for victims in Arizona communities.

Faith based victim support

Victim Support Guide for Faith-based & Community Groups

DHS (Blue Campaign) / Guide

This guide provides information for nongovernmental, faith based and neighborhood organizations on how to work with victims to address their needs, and how to access Federal services for victims, including immigration relief for noncitizen victims.



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