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Raising awareness

Posters, flyers, educational material and more…

In this section, you’ll find practical resources to help you or your organization raise awareness.

Research and reports

Facts, tends, insights and more...

Take a look at a collection of links, articles, research and reports to understand more about the impact of the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).


Talks, PSA’s documentaries and more...

Film and media is a powerful tool to enhance awareness. View our assortment of videos that convey the issues surrounding domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST).

Further reading

Diaries, non-fiction, novels and more...

The team has gathered a reading list of books that will build your knowledge and explore the real stories surrounding the growing threats to Arizona's children.


Resource spotlight

  • How to talk to your kids
    How to Talk to Your Kids About Human Trafficking
  • An overview
    Arizona Sex Trafficking 101: An Overview
  • ASU research
    exploring the demand during the Super Bowl 2014
  • DMST report
    Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) AZ Field Report
  • Awareness poster
    Sex Trafficking Awareness Poster

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