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Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking

2022 APAAC Human Trafficking Investigation & Prosecution Conference

Rio Salado Conference Center 2323 West 14th Street Tempe, AZ 85281


Please join us for the 2022 APAAC Human Trafficking Investigation & Prosecution Conference which is designed for a multi-disciplinary audience. A faculty of national experts will present on the following topics:

  • Evidence-Based Prosecution in Human Trafficking – The State of Minnesota vs. Ricky Turner: After enduring abuse from their traffickers, survivors of trafficking are then asked to navigate the criminal justice system if they want those responsible to be held accountable. Evidence-based prosecution equips prosecutors with strong evidence that takes the burden away from the victim. Focusing on the trial of Ricky Turner and the trafficking of several dozen victims in over 30 states, presenters will discuss the commercial sex ecosystem, trauma bond and social media open source examinations.
  • Assessing Culpability: Context before Conviction: Human traffickers assert force, fraud, and coercion against victims in order to profit from commercial sex or forced labor services. Collaboration is key to any human trafficking response, but imperative where the complexity of victim-offender dynamics is not easily understood or revealed. This presentation is designed to provide law enforcement and prosecutors with strategies to uncover the reality of the victim’s involvement in the trafficking organization. Presenters will provide a framework for assessing the culpability of individuals that may initially be identified as both victims and defendants and make suggestions to assist in making ethical and appropriate immunity and charging decisions as well as designing appropriate dispositions.
  • Forced Criminality: Labor Trafficking through the Lens of Utah’s Victor Rax Case: Victims of forced criminality, a form of labor trafficking where victims are forced into participating in criminal activity, are rarely identified as the victims that they are. However, in the case of Victor Rax, Utah’s Attorney General’s Office was able to identify dozens of young men from immigrant communities who were forced to sell drugs after being sexually, spiritually, and physically abused. Presenters will highlight the realities of labor trafficking through forced criminality, including how traffickers use grooming and fear tactics common in child sexual abuse and in gangs to recruit and coerce victims.