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Flagstaff Screening of California’s Forgotten Children

Christ's Church of Flagstaff 3475 E Soliere Ave Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

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FIAT is so excited to be able to show “California’s Forgotten Children” again in Flagstaff!

“Fueled by the powerful stories of survivors and advocates and a desire to foster change alongside our partners across the globe, California’s Forgotten Children has become a movement. They have reached thousands of people internationally raising awareness about the prevalence of child sex trafficking through festival and community screenings; mobilizing change within communities by partnering with local advocates and survivor leaders; and inspiring education reform that advocates for bringing an end to the exploitation of children.

It is at the heart of California’s Forgotten Children’s mission to bring impact that sparks important conversations, and connects with audiences around the world to create change. This film gives viewers the tools to combat this epidemic and empowers survivors on their path to freedom. Let’s put an end to commercial sexual exploitation and not leave any child behind