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Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking
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Issue Area 1: Criminal Provisions

Wednesday, October 7, 12 – 1:30 PM ET

Statutory law evolves; so should we as investigators and prosecutors. It is important to go back to the statutes to make sure that we are fully utilizing the tools provided us by lawmakers. Are we missing potential applications of those statutes by simply doing what we have always done? Such could have been the case in the State of Texas vs. Clyde Alexis Vanterpool, but a forward-thinking investigator and willing prosecutors showed that Vanterpool’s actions were more than sexual assault of two boys, they were human trafficking. “Behind Barred Doors” will discuss how Vanterpool was able to entice two boys into his vehicle and later to secure them in his home. We will discuss the investigation, successful prosecution, and, ultimately, the forfeiture of Vanterpool’s residence.