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Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking

Social media is unmatched in its ability to raise awareness of the dangers of human trafficking. But what happens when the information being spread on the internet is damaging, dangerous, and completely antithetical to fact?

This summer believers in QAnon–a sprawling online conspiracy theory–began promoting false and politically-motivated narratives about child sex trafficking. Their posts were circulated by tens of thousands of well-intentioned social media users, many of whom unknowingly spread harmful myths about human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, helping to erode the important progress legitimate anti-trafficking groups have made.

Join Shea Rhodes, Director and Co-Founder of the Villanova Law Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE Institute), and Rebecca Bender, survivor leader and author of In Pursuit of Love: One Woman’s Journey from Trafficked to Triumphant, to find out more about the impact QAnon misinformation has had on the public’s perception of human trafficking and its victims, and to explore what you can do to stop the spread of these dangerous conspiracy theories.