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Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking

Real Accountability in a Virtual World: Engaging corporations to fight online sexploitation
Presented by Dawn Hawkins and Christen Price (National Center on Sexual Exploitation)
Thursday, July 2, 12pm – 1pm EDT

No mainstream entity should profit from or facilitate sexual exploitation. Unfortunately, many well-established brands, companies, and organizations in America do just that. As we seek a world free from exploitation, it is imperative to name and shame the mainstream players in America that perpetuate sexual exploitation— whether that be through prostitution/sex trafficking, pornography, sexual objectification, and/or sexual violence.

In today’s world, corporations drive our culture. They influence how people communicate, how they dress, and what information they receive. When a company makes a positive change to stop promoting sexploitation, it has a ripple effect that influences countless lives.

In their presentation, “Real Accountability in a Virtual World: Engaging corporations in the fight to end online sexploitation,” Dawn Hawkins,Executive Director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), and Christen Price, Legal Counsel of the NCOSE Law Center, will highlight successful tactics they’ve used to put pressure on corporations through grassroots advocacy and legislative pressure and will share concrete ways each of us can ensure companies make ending exploitation their business.