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Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking

Please join World Without Exploitation for a conversation between eight survivor-leaders in the movement to end commercial sexual exploitation. During what we know will be a candid and much-needed conversation, they will share their insights into the ways the criminal justice system fails those who are exploited in the sex trade, and what it will take for the system to work more effectively. They’ll also take on the topic of full and partial decriminalization of prostitution, sharing their perspectives on what a legal sex trade would actually look like. The webinar will also feature a performance of “Imagining a World Without Exploitation,” a crowdsourced video poem created through a partnership between a national community of sex trade survivors and the Louder Together poetry project at The Voices and Faces Project.

Speakers include Nicole Bell, Vednita Carter, Joy Friedman, Kathleen Mitchell, Audrey Morrissey, Stacy Reed, Marjorie Saylor and Jeanette Westbrook.