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Training and Resources United to Stop Trafficking

Across the country, there is heated debate and discussion about criminal justice reform. Many people are educating themselves on the topic; often for the first time. Among the many proposals being advocated by some is decriminalizing the sex trade in the U.S. Proponents for full decriminalization support not only decriminalizing those prostituted, but pimps, brothel owners and sex buyers as well.

Survivors of the sex trade vehemently disagree that full decriminalization is prudent reform. They support decriminalizing those sold in the sex trade, but maintain that those who exploit others should still be held accountable for the devastating harm they cause.

In “Survivors Speak Out: The reality of decriminalizing the sex trade,” Alisa Bernard (Organization for Prostitution Survivors), Vednita Carter (Breaking Free), Cristian Eduardo (Sanctuary for Families), and Marian Hatcher (SPACE International) will share their insights and perspectives about the sex trade and explain why a full decriminalization policy is anything but “justice.”