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Human Trafficking Information

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
– Benjamin Franklin

Why should Arizonans be concerned?

It is time that all Arizonans stand against human trafficking.

Small business, big business – human trafficking is everyone’s business.


Four reasons human trafficking is an issue for our state

1. Arizona is a transportation hub and our freeway network is easily navigated

Arizona’s geographic location and network of freeways makes it a hub for illicit activity.

The same economic forces that fuel tourism in Arizona also support human trafficking – warm weather, multiple interstate highways, proximity to the border, short drive to Las Vegas or San Diego, major conference destination, and Arizona is home to many professional sporting events.

2. Human Trafficking is happening here in Arizona

The biggest misconception is that trafficking is something that happens overseas.
Due to a recent incidence report, 560 minors (under age 18) and 1777 adults (over age 18) were trafficked in Arizona in 2015 – 2016. Based on this data we can make the assumptions that the numbers of victims may be even higher as many victims don’t self-identify or report their victimization. If these numbers were spread over time, a child sex trafficking victim is identified in Arizona nearly every single day, and two adult victims of sex trafficking are identified each day in Arizona.

3. Where is trafficking happening in Arizona

Gone are the days when prostitution was isolated to certain “tracks.” While street-level prostitution still occurs, prostitution is more frequently facilitated by the internet, where it is as easy to “order sex as it is to order a pizza.”
Due to the recent closure of websites like and sex trafficking may be moving to other websites, social media sites, strip clubs, pop up brothels, illicit massage parlors and new tracks all over Arizona.

4. It’s a multimillion-dollar business here in Arizona

Sex trafficking is a high profit, low risk business where the commodity can be sold repeatedly, unlike drugs or weapons where the product can only be sold one time. For any business to survive, it requires supply and demand. There appears to be a growing demand fueled by easy access through the internet, and a ready supply of victims that are constantly being recruited and exploited.

“If there were no buyers, there would be no business for the pimps and traffickers and no victims of human trafficking.”

If You Suspect Human Trafficking Anywhere In The United States…

Call The National Human Trafficking Hotline:


Or… TXT help Or info To BEFREE (233733)